Film Production

We've been making films since well before we incorporated 11 Motion Pictures.  Film is our first passion.

Here are a few trailers and short films.

Director: Kent Tessman   Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood

Director: Darren Cranford      Cinematographer/Stereographer: Tim Dashwood

If you have some 3D glasses you can watch it in 3D!  Just click  3D on the bottom.

Director: Nathan Fleet   Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood

Something fun for the guitarists out there!

Director: Peter MacNamee   Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood

This mock doc went through many name changes during production like Abracadabra and Nowhere Man.  It eventually was released as "Let Him Be", but this was the trailer we showed at Sundance when it was still titled "I Was There."

Co-Director: Bert Kish   Co-Director/Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood

This was the pitch trailer for our concept that eventually developed into the TV series "Lost Girl."


Shot entirely at the old cotton mill in Hamilton (270 Sherman).

Director: Jonathan Robbins      Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood

This short film was the basis for the award-winning web series "Clutch."

It was shot in Toronto and Hamilton.

Director: Michel Poirier  Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood (35mm, circa 2001)

Cinematographer: Tim Dashwood   This is a fun little film we wrote and shot for the Hamilton 24 hour film festival.  It was required to be set in a park, have at least one plunger and use the words "I know what you're thinking, but it's no life for me."  This is what we came up with.  Written, shot, edited and mastered in about 8 hours.  Unfortunately there was no time for a sound mix.


Written & Directed by Tim Dashwood, Tex Entsch, Max Putintsev & Rob Sopher

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